It's Just A Matter Of Time

Words & Music by Clyde Otis, Brook Benton & Belford Hendricks
Recorded by Brook Benton, 1959 (#3)

D         G               D           DM7         D7
Someday, someway, you'll realize that you've been blind,

     G                        Gm
Yes, Darling, you're going to need me again --

      E      Em        A    G  F#m   Em
It's just a matter of time.

D      G                D        DM7         D7
Go on, go on, 'til you reach the end of the line;

       G                     Gm
'Cause I know you'll pass my way again --

E            A7        D   DM7  D7
It's just a matter of time.


D7/F#    G       G/F#  Gm
After I gave you     everything I had;
      D              DM7         D7            
You laughed and you called me a clown.

D7/F#   G                G/F#       Gm
Re  -  mem - ber in your search for fortune and fame,

      E       Em        A7   G/B  A7
What goes up must come down.

   D      G           D             DM7         D7
I know, I know, that one day you'll wake up and find

     G             Gm
That my love is a true love --

      E      A7        D
It's just a matter of time.

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