I've Heard That Song Before

Words & Music by Sammy Cahn & Jule Styne
Recorded by Harry James, 1939

(G7) C   C/B          Am7       Am7/G      Bm7-5        E7              
It seems   to me I've heard that song be - fore,

             Bm7-5    E7          A7
It's from an old, fam - il - iar score;

         A7+5       A7         D9      D7
I know it well, that mel - o - dy.

      G    D7     G7              
It's funny how a theme

      C     Gdim             C        Am
Re - calls a fa - vo - rite dream,

   Am+7       Am7           D7      Cdim(III)   G9
A dream that brought you so close to   me.

             C     C/B
I know each word,

                 Am7       Am7/G     Bm7-5    E7
Be - cause I've heard that song be - fore;

           A7        A7+5       A7        
The music said "for - ev - er - more."

                A7/9     A7        Dm    A7    Dm   Dm+7
For - ev - er - more's a mem - o - ry.

       F         Fm          Fdim       
Please have them play it a - gain,

 C   B7      A7sus4           A7
And I'll re - mem - ber just when

   Dm        Dm+7      Cdim(III)  G6    C    (  C/B    Cdim(III)   G   )
I heard that love - ly   song     be - fore.

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