I've Told Every Little Star

Words & Music by Jerome Kern & Oscar Hammerstein II
Recorded by Linda Scott, 1961 (#3)
From the 1932 Broadway musical "Music In The Air"
Adapted from an arrangement by Reed Kotler*

G    Em7   Am7          D7
I've told every little star

Bm7-5     E7     Am7       F7
Just how sweet I think you are --

G      G/F#   Am7  D7   G    G/F#  Em7  Am7   D9
  Why haven't  I  told you?

G    Em7  Am7            D7
I've told ripples in a brook,

Bm7-5    E7      Am7   F7
Made my heart an open book --

G     G/F#    Am7   D7   G    GM7   G7
  Why haven't  I   told you?


C        C/B Am7 Am7/G  Dm7    G7
Friends  ask  me "Am    I  in love?"

   C   C/B  AM7  Am7/G Dm7     G7    
I al - ways ans - wer "Yes."

Bm7-5             E7
Might as well confess --

Am     Am7           D7     D7+
If  I  don't, they guess.

G     Em7     Am7       D7
Maybe you may know it, too;

Bm7-5   E7      Am7    F7
Oh, my darling, if you do,

G     G/F#    Am7  D7  B7    E7           
  Why haven't you told me?

G   G/F#    Am7  D7   G    Gdim    Am7 alt    G
Why haven't you told me?

*Kottler's web site (justjazz.com) is an excellent source of information on how to re-harmonize a song, branching out from its basic chords to provide more color. For a solo accoustic guitarist, it's a site I highly recommend.

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