I Was Telling Him About You

Words & Music by Bill Charlap & Don George
Recorded by Nancy Wilson, 1973

   DM7         E7      C#7                F#m
My arms were around him,   my eyes were aglow,

D9             E7-9        C#m7-5     F#7    
The moment was tender, the music was low;

D9    Bm7-5         E7/6       Fdim  AM7   C#7         F#7  
  But while we were danc - ing,          I think you should know

       D9        Bm7-5    Fdim E7/6
I was telling him     a - bout you.

   DM7          E7      C#7                F#m
He kept coming closer,     the magic was there;

D9               E7-9        C#m7-5        F#7    
   He wore an expression that made people stare.

D9    Bm7-5      E7/6   Fdim  AM7    C#7 F#7  
  It looked so romantic, but Darling, I swear,

      D9          Bm7-5  Fdim E7
I was telling him       about you.


Cdim Dm7        G       CM7       Am7
When you passed by, and caught my eye,

Dm7       Fdim E7-9 CM7
You didn't say  a  word;

Em7         B7      Emsus4        B+
You turned about and walked right out,

        D9               Bm7-5       E7   D9   E7
And the silence was the loudest I've ev - er heard.

     DM7          E7        C#7           F#m
Come back to me, Darling, I must make you see

      D9            E7-9  C#m7-5                  F#7    
That things aren't always       what they seem to be.

D9             Bm7-5 Fdim  AM7   C#7 F#7  
 The boy in my arms meant nothing to me --

      D9     Bm7-5  E7   A
I was telling him about you.

*Suggested (simultaneously, no less!) by recent visitors Linda November and Judy Coco.

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