I Wish I Didn't Love You So

Words & Music by Frank Loesser
Recorded by Betty Hutton, 1947 (#5)

A  C#7  D9           Cdim     A   C#7  D
I      wish I didn't love you so,

   Dm6 Bm7-5  A   F#7
My love for  you,

  D9        Bm7-5 Fdim E7  A   F#7  D9  E
Should have faded long a - go.

A  C#7  D9           Cdim       A   C#7  D
I      wish I didn't need your kiss,

    Dm6 Bm7-5  A   F#7
Why must your kiss,

 Bm   Bm7/E    Dm6 E7  A   D9  A
Torture me as long as this?


   A7     Gdim   F#7 Gdim F#7
I might be smi - ling by  now,

Edim  Bm       F#7      Bm
With some new, tender friend,

C#m7-5     F#7
Smiling by now,

    E7/9 E7   D9 Bm7-5 E7   
With my heart on  the mend.

E7  Cdim E  A    C#7 
But when I try,

D9              Cdim         A
Something in my heart says,"No!"

 Dm6   Bm7-5  Fdim
You're still there,

A  C#7  D9    Dm6    E7  E7/6  A   D9  
I      wish I didn't love you so.

*I finished this chart literally only moments before learning of Betty Hutton's death. I had recently seen the interview with her on Turner Classic Movies, never before knowing of the tortured, largely-unfulfilling life she had lived. Her brash, brassy delivery of songs such as "Arthur Murray Taught Me Dancing In A Hurry" brought laughter to many -- how sad that she found so little cause for laughter in her life.

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