I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now?

Words & Music by Joe Howard, Harold Orlob, Frank Adams & Will Hough, 1909
Recorded by Perry Como, 1970

A7 D            A7          D
I wonder who's kissing her now?

D7            F#7            G
Wonder who's teaching her how?

Em7           A7     D        Bm7
Wonder who's looking into her eyes

Bm7-5      E7     Em7     A7
Breathing sighs, telling lies?

A7 D            A7          D
I wonder who's buying the wine,

D               B7            G
For lips that I used to call mine?

   G/F#     E7        D    DM7 F#7 B7
I wonder if she ever tells him of  me?

  G            A7           D
I wonder who's kissing her now?

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