Just A Gigolo

Words & Music by Julius Brammer, Irving Caesar & Leonello Casucci
Recorded by Louis Armstrong, 1930

G              G9
Just a gigolo, everywhere I go

G/B             Edim      Am7     D7
People know the part I'm playing;

Am              Am+7   Am7          Am6
Paid for every dance, selling each romance

Am7               D9   D7    G6          Am7  D7
Every night some heart be - tray - ing.

G          G+7    G7  CM7/6            CM7
There will come a day youth will pass away --

Bm7-5               E7   Am       AM+7
Then what will they say about me?

         C             Cm                   G     B7    E7
When the end comes, I know, they'll say,  "Just a gi-go-lo"

    Am7      D9  D7    G9   G
As life goes on with - out me.

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