Just Friends

Words & Music by John Klenner & Sam M. Lewis
Recorded by Bobby Darin, 1961

E7/6    DM7   D6    DM7 D6 Dm6
Just friends, lov - ers no more,

Dm7   AM7/9  A     F#m           Cdim  B7
Just friends,  but not like be - fore

    D9     Bm7-5       E7
To think of what we've been, 

   Fdim(III) Bm7-5     F#m
And   not  to kiss a - gain

      Cdim       F#7       B7    D9           E7/6  E7
Seems like pre - tend - ing   it is - n't the end - ing.

E7/6  DM7   D6     DM7  D6  Dm6
Two friends drif - ting a - part,

Dm7  AM7/9  A     F#m           Cdim  B7
Two friends,  but one bro - ken heart. 

    D9       Bm7-5        E7
We loved, we laughed, we cried --

Fdim(III)   Bm7-5      F#m
  Sud - den - ly, love died.

   C#m7-5    B7        Edim  E7/6   A
The sto - ry ends, and we're just friends.

*Requested by recent visitor Penny Gong.

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