Just One Of Those Things

Words & Music by Cole Porter
Recorded by Ella Fitzgerald, 1956

B7      Em  B+  Em7     Em6    B7
It was just     one of those things,

G    Em7           C     Cdim      
Just one of those crazy flings,

G6   G/F#       E7        C   Am7     Cdim
One  of those bells that now and then rings,

G6   Em     F#m     B7
Just one of those things.

B7      Em  B+  Em7     Em6    B7
It was just     one of those nights,

G    Em7     G/B    C       Cdim
Just one of those fabulous flights,

  G6          E7     C  Am7    Cdim
A trip to the moon on gossamer wings, 

G6   G/F# Em7     Am7   B7
Just      one of those things.


Am        Am+7    Am7 Am6    B7
If we'd thought a bit of the end of it 

          G     G/F#     Em   B7
When we started painting the town,

C         C/B   Am7  Am7/G    Gdim A-9  A7 
We'd have been aware that our love af - fair 

    C   C/B Am      Am7  B7
Was too hot not to cool down. 

B7      Em  B+  Em7      Em6  B7
So, goodbye,    dear, and a - men! 

G      G7         C           Cdim
Here's hoping we meet now and then.

        G    E7               C  Cdim     D9     G
It was great fun, but it was just one of those things!

I listened to this one over and over, and have pretty much come to the conclusion that it can be played in a pretty wide variety of ways...which, I suppose, is my way of saying "Don't get too attached to this arrangement -- you can use it as a starting point and have a great time working in the variations you're most comfortable with."

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