Words & Music by Hank Williams & Fred Rose
Recorded. by Hank Williams, 1952

Kaw-Liga was a wooden Indian, standin' by the door;

He fell in love with an Indian maid over in the antique store;

Kaw-Liga----just stood there and never let it show,

So she could never answer yes or no.

He always wore his Sunday feathers and held a tomahawk;
The maiden wore her beads and braids 
And hoped some day he'd talk.
Kaw-Liga----stubborn to never show a sign,
'Cause his heart was made of knotty pine.


Poor old Kaw-Liga, he never got a kiss;

Poor old Kaw-Liga, he don't know what he missed.

E                                  B7
Is it any wonder that his face is red?

Kaw-Liga, that poor old wooden head.

Kaw-Liga was a lonely Indian, never went no where;
His heart was set on the Indian maid with the the coal black hair.
Kaw-Liga----stood there and never let it show,
So she could never answer yes or no.

Then one day a wealthy customer bought the Indian maid
And took her oh so very far away.
Kaw-Liga----stands there just as lonely as can be,
And wishes he was still an old pine tree.


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