Words & Music by Milt Gabler & Bert Kaempfert
Recorded by Nat "King" Cole, 1964 (#81)

C  C/B     Am7    Am7/G   Dm7  Dm7/G    G7
"L"    is for the way you look      at me

Dm7    G7            CM7  CM7/6
"O" is for the only one I see 

C7/6              F
"V" is very, very   extraordinary 

 D     D7             G   D7      G7   G6
"E" is even more than anyone that you adore

C   C/B   Am7     Am7/G    Dm7  Dm7/G    G7
Love   is all that  I  can give      to you; 

Dm7     G7               CM7      CM7/6
Love is more than just a game for two.

Two in love can make it 

F        Fm7      Fdim(III) Fdim
Take my heart, but please don't break it 

C    C/B     G       Dm7    C     (   C/B     Fdim(III)    G7    )
Love    was made for me and you.

The chords in parenthesis over the last line of the song are an optional turn-around to begin the song again -- which would probably be obvious the first time you played them, but it can be embarrassing to play in front of someone else and suddenly find yourself thinking "Where the heck am I gonna go with this now?" Been there. Done that. Don't recommend it.

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