Words & Music by Bert Kaempfert, Herbie Rehbein, Larry Kusik & Charles Singleton
Recorded by Jack Jones, 1967 (#39)

G        D9         Am7      D9
La - dy, you're in love to - day, 

     G        D9       Am7         D9       Am7   D
But what a - bout your bro - ken heart to - mor - row?

Am  A9    Em7 E7sus4  Am    A9    Am
Why waste all  your  love - li - ness

D  Am     A9  Am Am7 D7/9      Cdim        G
On some - one if he  real - ly does - n't care?

G       D9      Am7   D7/9
Let me take you in my arms

    G   D9  Am7 G   D9    Am7   D9  Fdim(III) Gdim   D7
And let me love you ten - der - ly,    and    you'll see

D7  Am7  D9  Am7  D7  Am7  D9  Am7  D7  Am7   Gdim
All the joys of  life you nev - er found be - fore 

D7     G    Am7  G    Am7  Gdim  D7
You'll find with me.

G         D9     Am7       D9
La - dy, take my love to - day 

     G      D9      Am7         D9       Am7    D   Am7  D7
And let me give you hap - pi - ness for - ev - er.

Am    A9 Em7 E7sus4  Am     A9    Am   D
Ev' - ry day   you  wait, a lit - tle love 

   Am    A9  Am    Am7 D7/9  Cdim    G    GM7   G7
We could be shar - ing slips  a  -  way.

G5/7 Am7     G7       Am7      G5/7
Why find out too late that what you thought was love 

D9  Am7 Am7-5  Am   E7   G/B  Am7-5  Cdim
Was just  a   brief fan - ta - sy?

G       D9       Am7     Cdim      D9 
I'm in love with you, so love - ly la - dy, 

AM7       D9      D7/9      G
Won't you fall in love with me?

Suggested by frequent visitor and contributor Bob A.

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