Words & Music by Johnny Mercer & David Raksin, 1944
Recorded by the Woody Herman Orchestra, 1945
From the movie of the same name, 1944

Bm7   Fdim(III)                  AM7         A6
Laura         is the face in the misty light,

   Am7     Cdim                       GM7   G6
Footsteps      that you hear down the hall,

    Gm7   Edim                   FM7         Dm6 
The laugh      that floats on a summer night

            Bm7-5   E7     AM7   A6     Edim
That you can never quite recall.     And you see

Bm7    Fdim                      AM7             A6
Laura       on the train that is passing through;

       Am7  Cdim                    GM7    G6 
Those eyes . . . how familiar they seem.

     Gm7 Edim                Bm7      D+5
She gave     your very first kiss to you --

         E7-9   Edim           A7    D6/9     D alt
That was Laura,     but she's only a dream.

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