Let Me Call You Sweetheart

Words & Music by Beth Slater Whitson & Leo Friedman, 1910
Recorded by Bing Crosby, 1934

A      D9        A         
Let me call you sweetheart,

Bm7-5 A   D   F#7  B7
 I'm  in love with you

E7    Bm7-5     E7
Let me hear you whisper

Bm7-5      A  Edim  E7
 That you love me, too --

A        D9        A
Keep the lovelight glowing

Bm7-5  A   D   F#7  B7
 In  your eyes so true;

D     Cdim        A
Let me call you 'Sweetheart',

Bm7-5    D9   E7   A
 I'm in love with you.

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