Let's Sit This One Out

Words & Music by Sammy Cahn & Jimmy Van Heusen
Recorded by Vic Damone, 1963

 A  Edim  G       G/F#   Em7sus4  Em7  D9 A     D
When I   asked you to go   dan - cing, I con - fess,

    F#m      Bm7   Bm7/F#     G      G/F#   Em7  Edim     D
That I was thinking       of dancing,            more or less.

D   B7    Em       B+       Em7         Edim  A7  D9       D
But right now your eyes are filled with stars and glist' - ning,

D9  Bm7-5    A        F#7      Bm7-5           E7/6 Cdim E7/9     E7
And they're playing a song es - pec - ial - ly nice for  list' - ning.

E   Bm7-5   D9  E 
What  I   mean is,

 D6    D+ Gdim     D9   Edim    B7  Gdim   
Let's sit this one out, please, Ba - by,

   E7/9 Fdim        E Edim    E7/6
In some dark cor - ner of the hall.

E  A           Em7       A  Cdim    A7 
I just want to hear the band for a while,

    G/Bb      Gdim       Edim
And hold your hand for a while,

Fdim D       B7   Em7           A
And then perhaps, we'll dance again.  

A  Bm7-5  D9  E 
If  you  love me,

D6    D+   Gdim   D9  Edim    B7  Gdim   
Let's just wander off and    may - be

    E7/9 Fdim     E   Edim     Bm
They may not miss us, Dear, at all;

Cdim     Em7                A     A7
It's the best part of ro - man - cing,

Edim D       F#m        B7
And more fun than just dancing --

Cdim     G   G/F# Cdim         G  G/F#     Em7  A   B7       
You'll agree       if  you'll sit this one out with me,

 G  G/F#     Em7 Edim D 
Sit this one out with me.

*Suggested by recent visitor Rick, who also provided an audio source from which to work


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