Let's Take The Long Way Home

Words & Music by Johnny Mercer & Harold Arlen
Recorded by Rosemary Clooney, 1983
From the film "Here Come The Waves" (1944)

 A    F#m       D9   E7  A      F#m  D9   E
Let's take the long way home,

Edim   A    A7      D9 Cdim  D9   E7
Let's look for the long way home;

    E7 Fdim A   F#m       D9
And on the way, let's pretend

Cdim       A   C#m7-5      F#m         D9   E7
That this won - der - ful night won't end.

 Edim   A     F#m      D9       A     F#m  D9   E7
Through Asia would be much too soon,

 Fdim   A     A7    D9  Cdim(IV) C#7
We'll circle once around  the   moon,

D9   A    F#m       D9    E7   F#7      Bm7-5
Our dream boat will carry us across the foam,

 A    F#m       D9   E7        A   F#m       D9    E7
We'll take the long way, make sure it's the wrong way,

 A    F#m       D9   E7   A     
Let's take the long way home. 

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