The Longest Walk

Words & Music by Edward Pola & Fred Speilman
Recorded by Jaye P. Morgan, 1955 (#6

G  D9   G  Am7   Am7-5  G   D9 G   Cdim   G    B7         
I took the long - est  walk in the world last night

 D9   G    Am7 Em  Em7       D7/9
From your arms to your front door;

Am7 D9   Am7  D7   D7/9 Am7   D9 Am7  D7   D7/9  Am7
 I heard the sad - dest words in the world last night

Cdim Am7  G6 Bm7-5 Am7 Cdim Am7  D7
When you said you loved me   no more.

G  D9   G     Am7 Am7-5  G   
I won't be - lieve it's true; 

 D9   G  Cdim   G   B7
I'll keep af - ter you

Gdim Em  Dm   D9  Dm   E7  Bm7-5  Am   Fdim  E7  Am
Till we love like we loved  be - fore;

Am   E7  Am  Cdim   E7  Am   Am7 Cdim Am7  G9    G/F#  B7
And then the long - est walk will be  the short - est walk

 Am  Am7 Edim  D7  Cdim  G
Back to  your arms once more.

I'll be the first to say, this has to be the most over-chorded song on the entire web site -- and yes, I know, that's saying something. It's got a chord change on literally every single syllable, plus a few extra. The idea here is for the chords to carry the entire song, when played strictly as an instrumental. If you're singing along, you can honestly think of any chord at any point as strictly optional -- or better yet, eliminate virtually all of them any only change where you feel the need. Whatever chord you use, at whatever point it is shown here, will work with the melody.

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