Look For The Silver Lining

Words & Music by B.G. DeSylva & Jerome Kern
Recorded by Margaret Whiting, 1949

G           G/F#   Em7   B7    C        C/B    D7
Please don't be offended if I preach to you a while 

  G            G/F#    E7      bm7-5 Am7       Cdim      D7 
Tears that are out of place in eyes  that were meant to smile 

G        G/F#    Em7       B7    C       C/B     A7
There's a way to make your very biggest trouble small, 

G          G/B   A7    Edim    D9  Am7  D7
Here's the happy secret of it all.

G   Bm7  Am7      D7     G  Am7  G
Look for      the silver lining 

    D7      G    Bm7   C    D7      G  Am7  G
Whene'er a cloud ap - pears in the blue, 

     G7         Am7         D7     Bm7     G     G/F#  Em7
Re - mem - ber some - where    the sun is shi - ning 

            C     C/B     Am7
And so the right thing to do 

   D9       Am7      D7
Is make it shine for you. 

   G    Bm7  Am7    D7       G   Am7  G
A heart full     of joy and gladness 

     D7      G    Bm7  G7   Fdim       C     C/B    A7
Will always ban - ish sad - ness and strife, 

  Cdim     C   C/B Cdim   D7      Bm      E7
So always look for    the silver lining, 

   Edim     C   C/B Am7    D7      G
And try to find the sunny side of life.

*Suggested by recent visitor Lisa Smillie.

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