Losing You

Words & Music by Jean Renard & Carl Sigman
Recorded by Brenda Lee, 1963 (#6)

E             F#m     F#m7
Don't sigh a sigh for me,

B7         E6      E
Don't ever cry for me;

    C#m7   F#m9    F#m
This is goodbye for me --

   A            B7(II)     A      B7
I know we're through, I'm losing you.

E              F#m      F#m7
Love sang its song for me,

B7                E6       E
Then things went wrong for me.

      C#m7     F#m9      F#m
Nights are too long for me

    A        B7     E
Because I'm losing you.


      C             G
Our love and our devotion

      Am           Em
Were deep as any ocean;

          A            Am7        E      C#m
Then one day like the tide you began to change

     A9           B7       B7/9
And you became a perfect stranger.

E          F#m     F#m7
Someone is holding you,

B7            E6     E
Sharing the lips I knew;

  C#m7    F#m9        F#m
I can't believe it's true

     B7           E
That I am losing you.


     E      F#m9      F#m
I can't believe it's true

     A B7 F#m    B7  A    Am7/6    E
That I am los - ing you.

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