Love For Sale

Words & Music by Cole Porter, 1930
Recorded by Billie Holiday, 1945
Previously recorded by Libby Holman, 1932 (#5)

D     D6     Am   Am9  D              D6        Am    Am9   Am
Love---- for sale,      advertising love for sale.

D                      G7
Love that's fresh and still unspoiled,

C                  Bb              E7  Bm7-5  E7      Am
Love that's only slightly soiled. Love---------- for sale.

D     D6     Am  Am9  D                   D6       Am      Am9  Am
Who---- will buy?     Who would like to sample my supply?

D                  G7
Who's prepared to pay the price

C             Bb           E7  Bm7-5  E7      Am
For a trip to paradise?  Love----------- for sale.


F6             G7          C                 C9
Let the poets pipe of love in their childish way;

F6             G7          C               C9
I know ev'ry type of love better far than they.

A7              Gdim       A7
If you want the thrill of love, 

 Dm         Bm7-5     Dm6       Am
I've been through the mill of love--

F    Dm6  Cdim  B7  Bb7            Edim  A7
Old love, new love, ev'ry love but true  love.

D    D6      Am   Am9  D            D6        Am   Am9
Love---- for sale,      advertising love for sale.

D              G7
If you want to buy my wares,

C             Bb                E7   Bm7-5  E7      Am   Am7/G
Follow me and climb the stairs. Love---------- for sale.

Bm7-5  Dm6  E7        Am   Am+7    Am7   Am6   F7   E7   Am
Love------------ for sale.

Although bland by today's standards, this song was really pushing the limits of taste and decency when it first appeared -- so much so that it got banned in a lot of places. Since then, however, it's been recorded over 500 times, including an instrumental version by Ramsey Lewis in 1959 that I'm also partial to.

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