Love Is The Sweetest Thing

Words & Music by Ray Noble
Recorded by Al Bowlly, 1932

 G   Em7 Am7     Cdim      D7
Love is     the sweetest thing

G             Em7  Am7       Cdim   D7
What else on earth     could ever bring

G    G7     C     Cm
Such happiness to ev'rything 

G  Em         Am7   D7
As love's old sto - ry.

G   Em7 Am7     Cdim       D7
Love is     the strangest thing

G   Em7 Am7     Cdim      D7
No song of birds upon the wing

G    G7       C           Cm
Shall in our hearts more sweetly sing

 G   G/F#   Em7  C    G
Than love's old sto - ry.

 Em    D9   Em  Bm          B7
What - ev - er heart may desire,

 C    C/B  Am7  G   Am7  G
What - ev - er fate may send,

 C   C/B     B7  B7/F# Em   Esus4  Em
This is the tale that  never will tire.

 C  C/B     Am7     Edim D7
This is the song without end.

G   Em7 Am7    Cdim      D7
Love is    the greatest thing

G   Em7    Am7        Cdim    D7
The oldest   yet, the latest thing;

G G7    C        Cm
I only hope that fate may bring

G      Em    D7  G
Love's story to you.

*Suggested by recent visitor Gordon Jackson.

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