Love Letters In The Sand

Words & Music by Nick & Charles Kenny & J. Fred Coots
Recorded by Pat Boone, 1957 (#1 for 7 weeks, on charts for 34 weeks)
Previously charted by Ted Black, 1931 (#6)

Em6 Edim  D       DM7
On   a  day like today

    Em        Em7   E7
We passed the time away

         A7          Em7 Gdim    D   Bm  G
Writing love letters in   the  sand.

Em6 Edim  D              DM7
How you laughed when I cried

       Em   Em7      E7
Each time I saw the tide

          A7          Em7  A7   D    Gdim    D
Take our love letters from the sand.


    D9     F#7
You made a vow that you

      Bm        Bm7
Would always be true,

         E7      Em7
But somehow that vow

       G      Em  A7
Meant nothing to you.

Em6 Edim  D           DM7
Now  my lonely heart aches

     Em     Em7       E7
With ev'ry wave that breaks

      A7          Em7 A7  D   Gdim   D
Over love letters in  the sand.

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