Love's Old Sweet Song

Words & Music by J. Clifton Bingham & James L. Molloy, 1884
Recorded by The Mills Brothers, 1932(?)**

 D   F#m     Bm   Bm7/E  Em7   Edim    A7
Once in the dear, dead  days beyond recall,

 A7 Em7      A7  Edim  D      Em7 A7  D
When on the world the mists began to fall,

 D  F#m      B7   B7/F# G       A7     D
Out of the dreams that rose in happy thrall,

 D F#m      Bm     E    G  G/F# Em7  G/B   A7
Low to our hearts love sang an  old sweet song,

Gdim Cdim A7  Em7   A7    D        F#m       B7
And   in  the dusk where fell the firelight gleam,

E7/9   E7 G/B  A     E7     A7 E7   A7
Soft - ly it  wove itself into our dream


  D     G   Bm  A     A(V)  Em7       A7   Gdim  D   C#7
Just a song at twi - light, when the lights are low,

F#7     Gdim   F#7  Bm     E7    E7/9 E7  G/B A7
And the flick'ring shadows soft - ly come and go.

  D         G    Bm  A    A(V) Em7      A7 Gdim  F#7
Though the heart be wear - y,  sad the day, and long,

  D      D7 D7/F#  G     Gm     D    A7    Em7 Dalt
Still to us  at   twi - light comes love's old song,

  D   A7/6   A7 G/B  A7    D
Comes love's    old sweet song.

*Requested by recent visitor Dick Shultis.

**I really could use some help determining when this particular recording was done. It's definitely early Mills Brothers, because it's only accompaniment is solo acoustic guitar, but I've yet to find a reliable source that could tell me when it was recorded.

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