Love Turns Winter to Spring

Words & Music by Brigham Townsend & Matt Dennis
Recorded by Four Freshmen, 1956

AM7/6         Fdim(III)     Gdim          F#7
Don't mind the weather, for when we're together,

D9         Dm+7              A7
Old weather man don't mean a thing;

A7/9     D9         Dm+7        AM7       C#m7         
 If it rains or it snows, well, ev'ryone knows

D9         E7/6  E7 E7/6   AM7   Edim   E7
Love turns win - ter to spring.

AM7/6    Fdim(III)    Gdim          F#7
 All of a sudden, the rose buds are buddin' --

D9       Dm+7      A7
What a miraculous thing!

A7/9      D9         Dm+7        AM7        C#7         
For like some lovely dream, with romance as theme,

D9         E7/6       A      G#7
Love turns winter to spring.

               C#      Bbm7       F#7      G#7/6
I thought the cold old snow would stay and stay

   C#M7/9    Bbm7      F#7   G#7
And stay and stay and stay.

C#          Bbm             F#7       G#7
But in the warmth of your wonderful smile,

C#        C  Am7  D9   E7
It melted all a - way.

AM7/6    Fdim(III)   Gdim          F#7
I'll never wonder at lightning or thunder,

   D9      Dm+7               A7
To me they just don't mean a thing.

A7/9      D9         Dm+7        AM7        C#7         
With the song of the birds, and your lovely words,

D9         E7/6       A     AM7 C#7 C#m7-5  
Love turns winter to spring,         

 D   Bm7-5 Fdim   E7-9 AM7/9
Love turns  winter to spring.

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