Lullaby of Birdland

Words & Music by George David Weiss & George Shearing
Recorded by Mel Torme, 1963

Em           C#m7-5    F#7-9       B7   
Lullaby of birdland  - that's what I 

Em7    CM7   Am7      D9
Always hear when you sigh;

Bm7          Em7
Never in my word land  

Am7            Cdim      G   C9        F#m7-5       B7
Could there be ways to reveal    in a phrase how I feel.

Em            C#m7-5    F#m7-9   B7
Have you ever heard two turtle doves

Em7      CM7  AM7       D9
Bill and coo when they love?

Bm7                Em7
That's the kind of magic 

Am7      Cdim           G   D7           G     G/F#
Music we make with our lips     when we kiss.


E9            E7-9       Am      Am7
And there's a weepy old willow -

D9        Cdim          G     G/F#
He really knows how to cry!

E9             E7-9      Am      Am7
That's how I'd cry on my pillow

D9            Cdim        G              B7
If you should tell me farewell and good-bye.

Em        C#m7-5      F#7-9    B7
Lullaby of birdland - whisper low,

Em7     CM7    Am7       D9
Kiss me sweet, and we'll go

Bm7            Em7
Flyin' high in birdland,

Am7         Cdim    G    C9      F#m7-5           B7
High in the sky up above    all because we're in love.

Repeat Bridge:

Repeat last verse


Am7        Cdim      G
High in the sky up above 

 Am7    D9  Cdim   G     C9    Am7   G#7   G
All because we're- in - love.

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