Ma, He's Making Eyes At Me

Words & Music by Sidney Clare & Con Conrad
Recorded by Pearl Bailey, 1961

A   D9  A     Cdim    B7 Cdim B7
Ma,      he's making eyes at  me, 

E7  Cdim E7     Cdim  AM7 Bm7-5 AM7  E7
Ma,        he's awful nice to   me.

A6   A   Cdim   A    E7    Fdim  E7/9
Ma, he's al - most breaking my  heart -

E7/9 Fdim Bm7-5  E7
I'm   be - side him, 

A     F#m    Bm7-5       Fdim   E7
Mercy let his conscience guide him.

A   D9  A    Cdim     B7   Cdim B7
Ma,       he wants to mar - ry  me,

E     D9    C#7
Be my honey bee;

A     F#m   Bm7-5      E7
Every minute  he gets bolder, 

A        F#m     D9    Cdim
Now he's leaning on my shoulder -

D  Cdim       E7     A    D9  A
Ma,     he's kissing me.

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