Make Believe

Words & Music by Oscar Hammerstein II & Jerome Kern
Recorded by Jimmy Lunceford, 1936

Cdim      A7          G/B    A7         A7/9
We could make believe     I love you,

Gdim  D          D6               D9
Only make believe   that you love me.

Fdim     A    G       A   G        A7/6    A7   A7sus4
Others find peace of mind in pre - tend - ing --

Gdim      D             E7           Em7  A7
Couldn't you?  Couldn't I?  Couldn't we

Cdim    A7            G/B      A7        A7/9
Make believe our lips     are blending

Gdim   D       D9   Bm   Bm7-5     E7   
 In a phantom kiss,    or two or three?

         G             Fdim(III) Fdim      D   DM7   B7
Might as well make be - lieve     I  love you,

       Em7       A7   Gdim  D
For to tell the truth, I   do.

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