Make Someone Happy

Words & Music by Betty Comden, Adolph Green & Jule Styne
Recorded by Tony Bennett, 1976
Revived by Jimmy Durante in the 1993 movie "Sleepless In Seattle"

D     D+5  D6         DM7
Make          someone happy,

D     D+5     D6         DM7
Make just one    someone happy;

C       C/B      Am7     Am7/G       C  Cdim
Make   just one heart the heart you sing to.

G   G+5   G6             GM7
One           smile that cheers you,

Gm7               Gdim          Edim  A7-9
   One face that lights when it nears you,

D   D+5  D6       F#m7         Em7  Edim
One girl    you're ev' - ry - thing  to.

D     D+5  D6        DM7
Fame          if you win it,

D     D+5    D6        DM7
Comes    and goes in a minute.

C       C/B     Am7          Am7/G     C   Cdim
Where's    the real stuff in life to cling  to?

G   G+5   G6         GM7
Love          is the answer,

Gm7   Gdim    Edim        A7-9
   Someone to love is the answer.

 D   D6      DM7  B9   Bm          Bm7    F#m7 B9 
Once you've found her, build your world around her.

Em   B+   Em7        A7+5   A7
Make          someone hap - py, 

DM7      D6       F#m7    B7
    Make just one someone happy,

    Em7  Em7-5* A7        Gdim  A7/6**  D   D+5  D6   DM7 - D6  D 
And you            will be hap -  py,  too.

The chords in the last line can be played a couple of ways, but I like the sound of the Em7-5 being played x6767x and the A7/6 as 004020. Since they are fundamentally the same chord, the Gdim which follows them can be either xx2323 as I typically play it, or a typical Edim 012020.

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