Words & Music by Mack Gordon & Edmund Goulding
Recorded by The Pied Pipers, 1947

G/B  Am7 Cdim  G6           D6   D9   G6
A   small ca - fe, Mam' - selle,

G/B Am7   Cdim   GM7           C9   Bm7
Our ren - dez - vous, Mam' - selle,

   Fdim      Am7       D7       Am7
The vi - o - lins were warm and sweet

    D9     GM7         FM7    F#7  G
And so were you, Mam' - selle.

G/B Am7 D7-9 G6          D6   D9   G6
And as the night danced by,

G/B Am7 Cdim   C9
A   kiss be - came a sigh;

     F        Bm7   G/B      Em                  Am       Cm7
Your love - ly eyes seemed to spar - kle just like wine does --

    Bm7 G/B      Em         B+      Em7      A7    Dsus4 Fdim D7
No heart ev - er yearned the way that mine does   for you.

G/B Am7 Cdim G6      D6   D9   G6
And yet  I  know too well

G/B  A7  Cdim   G6         C9    Bm7
Some day you'll say good - bye.

    Gdim      Am7       D7
Then vi - o - lins will cry,

   Am7     Cdim         G    G/B  Am7  Am7alt  Cdim  G6
And so will I,  Mam' - selle.

This song was definitely a biggie in 1947. It reached the Top 20 in the charts no less than seven times: Art Lund and Frank Sinatra each achieved #1, both Dick Haymes and the Pied Pipers rose to #3, Ray Dorey made it to #7, Dennis Day finished at #8, and Frankie Laine brought up the rear at #14.

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