Manhattan Serenade

Words & Music by Harold Adamson & Louis Alter*
Recorded by Jo Stafford, 1943 (?) with the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra**

D9    D           Bm7sus4 Bm7          Em7     A7  A7sus4 A7
That night in Man - hat - ten was the start of it

D9    D         Bm7sus4  Bm7        Em7     A7  A7sus4 A7
We lived it, and  we    loved ev'ry part of it.

G/E         A7(V)     DM7     Bm7
The glow of moonlight in the park, 

Em7              A     A7  D
The light that shined our ways,

Bm7                  F#m
The autumn moon that fanned the spark 

G            F7       A7
That set our hearts ablaze.

D9    D       Bm7sus4 Bm7              Em7      A7  A7sus4 A7
Our kiss was a  sky  ride through the highest stars --

D9  D           Bm7sus4 Bm7         Em7    A7  A7sus4 A7
We made it with - out  touching the handlebars.

D                  B7   D                    E7/6
And I gave you my love    through the melody of

     D         F#m        Bm7         A7          D
The music, the magic that made our Manhattan serenade.

* The music for this song was written in 1928 by Alter; it was used in the 30s as the theme song for the Easy Aces Radio showas an instrumental. The lyric by Adamson was not added until 1942.

**According to this is among Stafford's earliest solos with the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra. She had been singing with the Pied Pipers since the age of 17; she was the first female voice in the group, and she survived the cut when the group was trimmed to a quartet in 1939. She began a productive solo career in 1944.

Harry James also had a popular version of the song, which reached #9.

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