The Man I Love

Words & Music by Ira Gershwin & George Gershwin
Recorded by Ella Fitzgerald, 1956

 D             D6   D7   Dm    Dm6    Dm7
Someday he'll come along,  the man I love,

Am           A9       Am    Cdim           B7 
And he'll be big and strong,    the man I love;

GM7                  Edim
And when he comes my way,

A7        A7sus4 A7  D  Edim  F#m  A7
I'll do my best  to make him stay.

D             D6       D7   Dm      Dm6         Dm7
He'll look at me and smile;    I'll un - der - stand,

Am       A9       Am  Cdim                B7 
And in a little while,     he'll take my hand,

GM7                  Edim
And though it seems absurd,

A7       A7sus4  A7    D  G  D   G7 F#7 
I know we both  won't say a word.


Bm           Bm7-5     CD7
Maybe I shall meet him Sunday,

Gdim   Bm     Bm7   F#7
Maybe Monday, maybe not;

Bm                Bm7      E7
Still I'm sure to meet him one day --

Gdim  Bm      Cdim    G        A7
Maybe Tuesday will be my good news day.

D             D6      D7   Dm      Dm6       Dm7
He'll build a little home,    just meant for two

Am               A9   Am  Cdim                  B7 
From which I'll never roam -- who would?  Would you?

GM7              Edim
And so all else above,

A7          Em7 A7   D  G6  D
I'm waiting for the man I love.

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