The Man That Got Away

Words & Music by Harold Arlen & Ira Girshwin 1953
Recorded by Judy Garland**, 1953
Written for the 1954 movie "A Star Is Born"

A    D   Cdim A            D        Fdim         A
The night is bitter, the stars have lost their glitter;

     Bm   Cdim   A         Bm   Fdim       A
The winds grow colder, and suddenly you're older,

    D   Em    F#m  Em      D   Em  F#m A    G    Gdim
And all be - cause of the man that got a - way.

   Em7             A7       Bm       Edim     A
No more his eager call, the writing's on the wall;

     Em          A          Em7 Edim    D   Em7  DM7  Em7
The dreams you dreamed have all gone astray.

     D  Cdim A            D      Fdim    A
The man that won you has gone off and undone you.

     Bm   Cdim   A              Bm     Fdim   A
That great be - gin - ning has seen the final inning.

        D  Fdim F#m      Em       D  Em  F#m A    B7
Don't know what happened -- it's all a  cra - zy game!

   Em7                 A7/9       D6           Edim       B7
No more that all-time thrill, for you've been through the mill -

    G     G/F#   E7       A7/6 Edim     D
And never      a new love will  be the same.


 D    Em7       D   Gdim         C7      B7         E7 A7/9
Good riddance, good-bye!  Ev'ry trick of his you're on  to.

      D6   Em7 F#m  B7         D9    Em7 Fdim A7
But, fools will be fools, and where's he gone to?

     D  Cdim  A             D          Fdim    A
The road gets rougher, it's lone - li - er and tougher.

     Bm  Cdim  A          Bm   Fdim     A
With hope you burn up, tomorrow he may turn up.

        D  Fdim F#m   Em      D   Em   F#m    A  B7
There's just no letup    the live-long night and day!

      G          Em7     A7sus4  Edim     D      F#7    B7 
Ever since this world be - gan, there is nothing sadder than

   G5  G6/F# A7/6  Em7     G5     G6/F#    A7/6 Edim
A one - man  woman looking for the man that got  a - way,

    A7   G/B  A  Edim  Dalt  Cdim(IV) A7(V) A7 Dalt
The man that got   a - way.

*Suggested by recent visitor Paul Edmond.

**A tip of the hat is also well deserved by Barbra Streisand's 1994 concert version, which is also exceptional.


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