Words & Music by Terry Gilkyson, Richard Dehr & Frank Miller
Recorded by Terry Gilkyson & The Easy Riders, 1957

E                           B7
Marianne, oh Marianne, oh won't you marry me?

We can have a bamboo hut and brandy in the tea.

Leave your fat old mama home--she never will say yes.

A7             E        B7         E     (N.C.)
If Mama don't know now,   she can guess (my, my yes).


E                   B7
All day, all night Marianne

B7                     E
Down by the seaside, siftin' sand;

E                          B7
Even little children love Marianne,

B7                    E
Down by the seaside, siftin' sand.

When she walks along the shore, people pause to greet,
White birds fly around her, little fish come to her feet.
In her heart is love, but I'm the only mortal man
Who's allowed to kiss my Marianne (don't rush me).

Repeat Refrain:

When we marry, we will have a time you never saw;
I will be so happy, I will kiss me mother-in-law (phooey!)
Children by the dozen in and out the bamboo hut,
One for ev'ry palm tree and cok-ey not (hurry up now)

Repeat Refrain:

Gilkyson also wrote songs recorded by other performers, including Fast Freight, recorded by The Kingston Trio; Cry of the Wild Goose, recorded by Frankie Laine; and (with the assistance of fellow Easy Riders Dehr and Miller) both Greenfields, which became a signature song/hit for The Brothers Four, and Memories Are Made Of This, which reached just about the same status with Dean Martin.

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