Mas Que Nada

Words & Music by Jorge Ben, 1963
(English lyric by Norman Gimbel)
Recorded by Ella Fitzgerald, 1970

Am    C    Am   D    F    Am     Am   Dm   Am  
Ooh, when your eyes meet mine...pow! pow! Pow!

Am   C  Am    D   F  Am     Am  Dm   Am  
Ooh, I could lose my mind...ow! ow!  ow!

 F   E7  Am          Dm         F            Am
It's a feelin' that things are gonna grow inside me

Am7    D             F      Am
Til I feel that I'm gonna explode --

              E      Fdim   Am   D    Am
Ooh, this is what you do to me.

Am7       Dm  Dm7      E             Fdim     E7   A9
Are your lips saying things that you feel in your heart?

        Am+7             D9    D    F   E      Fdim    Am
If your heart is beating mad - ly, then let the music start.

 F  E7    Am
Hold me, hold me,

     Dm     Dm+7     F      E7       Am
It's heaven, oh it's heaven when you hold me;

  F        Fdim  E7   Am    E7       Fdim     Am
I want you night and day, I want you here to stay.

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