Words & Music by Allan Flynn and Frank Madden, 1935
Recorded by Perry Como & Eddie Fisher, 1952 (#3)

D   D6  B7  E7    Bm7-5 Fdim  E7
May  -  be you'll think  of   me 

A7   Em7 Edim A7 Gdim  D    Cdim  Em7  A7
When you  are all a - lone;

 D9   D  A7   D9  D  A7  Fdim   A7 Cdim A7
May - be the one who is  wait - ing for you

Fdim  A7  G/B   A7
Will prove un - true, 

G    Gdim A7/6 Fdim D
Then what will  you do?

D   D6  B7   E7   Bm7-5 Fdim  E7
May  -  be you'll  sit  and  sigh, 

 A7    Em7 Edim A7  Em7   D    
Wish - ing that I  were near;

D+5   G  G/F#       Bm7-5 Fdim  E7  D   Fdim D    B7
Then may - be you'll ask   me   to come back a - gain,

Fdim D    B7 B7/F# A7  Edim   D 
And may - be I'll  say "May - be."

While artists joining forces to record a song was hardly new in 1952, the usual routine seemed to be either for a male soloist and female soloist to join for a duet, or a solo vocalist of either gender to team with a group. This is one of the very few I've ever encountered where two male solo vocalists to join forces.

Some may assert numerous Bob Hope/Bing Crosby cooperative ventures as proof to the contrary, but Hope was clearly better known as an actor/comedian than as a singer, while Como and Fisher were both known principally, if not exclusively, as solo vocalists.

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