Maybe It's Because I Love You Too Much

Words & Music by Irving Berlin, 1933
Recorded by Ray Noble, Al Bowlly vocal, 1933

G             G/F#   Em7   A  Edim  D
Maybe it's because I love you too much,

G            G/F# Em7 Em6  A  Em7 Edim   D9 
Maybe that is why you love me so  lit - tle.

D            G/B Edim  D    F          B      F  
Maybe when I answered "yes" maybe I became a bore;

 A          D9        F#7  B7               E7      A7
Maybe if I loved you less, maybe you would love me more.

G             G/F#       Em7   A  Edim  D
Maybe it's because I've kissed you too much;

D7            Am7    Cdim  B7   D9 Esus4  Em   B+  Cdim  E7
Maybe that is why my kiss means too lit - tle.

 D           Em7  A7  D   Dsus4 D  D9  D  E7/6  Cdim
Maybe with a love so great and  a love so small,

G             G/F# Em7  G/B A7 Edim D
Maybe I'll be left with no love at all.

*Suggested by recent visitor Lew Long

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