Maybe September

Words & Music by Ray Evans, Percy Faith & Jay Livingston
Recorded by Tony Bennett, 1966

Am    A9  Am  Fdim   Am7       F  Fdim  E7
May - be Sep - tem - ber I'll love a - gain;

Am    A9 Am G     Dm7       F   Bm7-5  E7
May - be a rain - bow will catch  me  then.

 C    C/B   Am7 Fdim  E7  Am      Am+7      Am7
This little boy lost will find his way once more 

Fdim  E7 Fdim   E7  Fdim  E7  Fdim Dm    Dm7
Just like be - fore when lips were ten - der 

Am    A9  Am  Fdim   Am7        F  Fdim  E7
The shade of a wil - low where love was born 

Am    A9 Am   Dm   Dm7      C    G7   C   G7
A face on the pil - low in ear - ly  morn 

   C    C/B     Fdim    E   Am     Am+7       E7    Cdim
I still see that gol - den world in all it's splen - dor -

Am        F     E7  Bm7-5 Am7  E    Am
Maybe September love will come a - gain.

   D9    Dm Fdim     A9     A
A tall - er tree, a sweet - er lark,

  E7   E7/6 Bm7-5  E7/6  A    F#7
A blu - er   morn - ing sky above --

    Dm    D9  F  Bm7-5   E   E7-9
And may - be come Sep - tem - ber,

       E   E7/6 Bm7-5  E7/6  D9 Bm7-5   E
I'll share these won - ders with my   love.

*Suggested by recent visitor Neil Edwards.

Once again, what you're seeing is drastically over-chorded, especially if all you're doing is accompanying a vocal. The objective is to offer ways to embellish an instrumental solo when there is no vocal. Even then, I'm sure no guitarist in their right mind would attempt such a "one chord for every syllable" arrangement, especially on a song as pensive as this -- but if you DO feel inclined to change chords at any point, the chords I've indicated will support the melody line clearly enough that the listener will benefit.

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