Me And My Shadow

Words & Music by Billy Rose, Al Jolson & Dave Dreyerk, 1927
Recorded by The Mills Brothers, 1958

D  F#m  Bm Bm7-5 Edim   G
Me      and my   sha - dow,

 G           G/F#    Bm7-5 Edim   D   F#m  G   Gdim   
Strol - ling down the av  -  e - nue, 

D  F#m  Bm Bm7-5 Edim  C#7
Me      and my   sha - dow,

Bm    F#m    Fdim(III)   C#7         A
Not a soul to  tell  our troub - les to.

A   Em7  Edim  D9       D6
And when it's twelve o'clock,

A7  D9        D7/9
We climb the stair, 

Cdim    B7      Cdim    B7   
And we nev - er knock,

Bm7-5 A7   Em7  Edim  A7
 For  no - bod - y's there,

A7/6 D  F#m Bm  Bm7-5 Edim   G
Just me     and  my   sha - dow,

G       G/F#     Em7   Edim   D
All a - lone and feel - in' blue. 

*Requested by recent visitor Tony Tam.

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