Mele Kalikimaka

Words & Music by R. (Robert) Alexander Anderson, 1949
Recorded by Bing Crosby, 1950, with The Andrews Sisters

G           Em7       Am7     Edim      G   G/F# D7
Me - le Ka - li - ki - ma - ka is the thing  to say, 

Cdim   G    G/F#     Edim       Am7           D7
On a bright      Ha - wai - ian Christ - mas Day, 

 C         C/B        Am7        Am7/G   Cdim    D7
That's the is - land greet - ing that we send to you 

 Am7      D9  Gdim  Am7  Cdim    G     D
From the land where palm trees sway, 

 E7    Bm7-5      Fdim         E7      Bm7-5 Edim  Am7
Here we know that Christ - mas will be green and bright, 

    G      G/F#     Fdim    E7      D9   Edim D7
The sun to shine by day and all the stars at night, 

G           Em7       Am7  Edim      G    B7  E7
Me - le Ka - li - ki - ma - is Haw - ai - i's way 

    C   Am7        D9    D7/9 D6/9 G
To say "Mer - ry Christ - mas  to you."

Flip side of Crosby's recording of White Christmas; the author was a friend and golfing partner of Crosby's, and was surprised when Crosby recorded it.

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