Memories of You

Words & Music by Andy Razaf & Eubie Blake, 1930
Recorded by The Benny Goodman Trio with Rosemary Clooney 1956 (#20)
Also recorded by The Four Coins, 1955 (#22)

D      Fdim  Em7     Edim  D       Bm7       E7
Waking skies  at  sunrise, ev - ry sun - set too, 

D9      Bm7  Cdim    B7 E7   A9     D      A7
Seems to be bringing me memories of you.

D       Fdim   Em7         Edim     D        Bm7      E7
Here and there, ev - 'ry - where, scenes that we once knew,

 D       Em7 Cdim       B7  E7         A9      D     F#7
And they all just re - call mem - o - ries of you.


Bm           G7                 Bm   Bm7-5         E7
How I wish I could forget those happy yes - ter - years;

 Bm       Bm7/E  E7/9       E7     A7    Em7  A7
That have left a  ro - sa - ry of tears.

D         Fdim  Em     Edim      D       Bm7-5  E7
Your face beams in my dreams, in spite of all I do,

    D           Em7  Cdim      B7   E7         A9      D
And ev - 'ry - thing seems to bring mem - o - ries of you.

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