Words & Music by Bill Strange & Mac Davis
Recorded by Andy Williams, 1969

A          D                  Dm6   E7     A
Memories, pressed between the pages of my mind

A          D               Dm6   E7        A
Memories, sweeten thru the ages just like wine

 C                 Dm7      C
Quiet thought come floating down

    CM7           Dm7     CM7
And settle softly to the ground

     C7            Dm7     C7        F
Like golden autumn leaves around my feet

    Dm         Dm+7      Dm7   Dm6        E7   D9   Dm6   A   D9
I touched them and they burst apart with sweet mem - o - ries,

 E7   D9   Dm6   A   D9  E7
Sweet mem - o - ries

    A                D9   A     E7    
Of holding hands and red bou - quets

    A                    D9    A   E7    
And twilight trimmed in pur - ple haze

     D9               E7
And laughing eyes and simple ways

     D9               E7    Fdim       A
And quiet nights and gentle days with you.

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