Midnight, The Stars and You

Words & Music by Jimmy Campbell, Reg Connelly & Harry Woods*
Recorded by The Ray Noble Band, Al Bowly vocal, 1932

DM7    D6    DM7          D6         G  GM7  G6  G5
Mid - night,     with the stars and you;

A7sus4  A7    Em7        A7         Dalt    Fdim(IV)  G  Gdim
 Mid - night,     and a ren - dez - vous.

Fdim(IV)  G  Gdim        B7        E7/9    E7
 Your    eyes     held a mes - sage ten - der,

           Bm7-5     E7/6    E7         G/B     A7  Em7  A7  A7+5
Say - ing, "I   sur - ren - der all my love to you."

DM7    D6  DM7             D6         G  GM7  G6  G5
Mid - night    brought us sweet ro - mance,

A7sus4  A7   Em7        A7         B7      Cdim   B7
 I      know    all my whole life through

G9          Gdim             Gm7
I'll be re - mem - ber - ing you, 

DM7            F#7    B7
What - ev - er else I do,

Em7    A7  Em7         Em7/9  A7  D
Mid - night   with the stars and you.

*Thanks to recent visitor Greg for tipping me off to a link that confirmed the full names of the authors.

This song was suggested by frequent visitor and friend Ray Brizzi, who also pointed out that this is the song used in the nightclub scenes in "The Shining."

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