Moody River

Words & Music by Gary D. Bruce
Recorded by Pat Boone, 1961 (#1)


G            Em          G                Em
Moody river, more deadly than the vainest knife,

G                 G7           C  C/B Am7 Am7/G  G
Moody river, your muddy water took my ba - by's life.

Em            B7        Em                  B7
Last Saturday evenin', came to the old oak tree;

    Em                B7          C  C/B  Am7   Am7/G  G
It stands beside the river where you     were to meet  me.

Em                  B7                  Em               B7
On the ground your glove I found with a note addressed to me,

   Em                     B7                 C  C/B  Am7 Am7/G  G
It read "Dear love, I've done you wrong, now I must  set  you free."

Em          B7                   Em            B7
"No longer can I live with this hurt and this sin,

Em                B7            C  C/B  Am7 Am7/G   G 
"I just couldn't tell you that guy was just   a   friend."

Repeat Refrain:

   Em              B7             Em           B7
I looked into the muddy water and what could I see?

   Em            B7               C    C/B  Am7  Am7/G  G
I saw a lonely, lonely face just look - in' back  at    me.

Em            B7         Em             B7
Tears in his eyes, and a prayer on his lips,

Em               B7            C  C/B Am7  Am7/G   G
And the glove of his lost love at his fin - ger - tips.

Repeat Refrain:

Suggested by recent visitor John O'Donnell, "The Ol' Folkie" of Pittsburgh, PA

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