Moonlight Serenade

Words & Music by Mitchell Parrish & Glenn Miller
Recorded by Glenn Miller, 1939
Adopted by the Glenn Miller Orchestra as their theme song

A7 E6          Gdim
I stand at the gate, 

        F#m         F#m+7      Fdim  B7
And the song that I sing is of moon-light;

    E         E+7
I stand and I wait 

          E7           E6          C#7
For the touch of your hand in the June night;

    E -  Cdim     E  -F#m   Cdim      B7  B7+5    E      B7+5
The ro - ses are sigh-ing a moonlight ser - e - nade.

A7   E6        Gdim
The stars are aglow, 

        F#m           F#m+7         Fdim - B7
And tonight how their light sets me dream-ing.

    E            E+7
My love, do you know 

           E7            E6            C#7
That your eyes are like stars brightly beaming?

   E    Cdim E  F#m Cdim   B7        B7+5       E
I bring you and sing you a moonlight ser - e - nade.


AM7                   Am6
Let us stray til the break of day

   Ebm7   G#7         Bm7
In love's valley of dreams,

     C#7    C#m6  Eb7       C#m6
Just you and I, a sum - mer sky,

  Eb7           Bm6      C#7           F#m7      B7-9
A hea - ven - ly breeze kiss - ing the trees.

A7  E6          Gdim
So don't let me wait; 

 F#m        F#m+7            Fdim  B7
Come to me tenderly  in  the June night,

    E          E+7
I stand at the gate 

       E7        E6          C#7
And I sing you a song in the moonlight;

   E   Cdim   E  F#m Cdim    B7       B7+5       E
A love song, my darl-ing, a moonlight ser - e - nade.

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