Moonlight And Roses

Words & Music by Ben Black & Neil Moret, 1925
Recorded by The Three Suns, 1954 (#24
Also recorded by Billy Vaughan Orchestra

D    G/E  Em7/9 A7    D
Moonlight  and  ro - ses

  A7  D6    DM7    D  Em7   Em7/6 G/B   A7
Bring won - der - ful mem - 'ries  of  you,

G  Cdim(IV) G   Em7/9  A7
My  heart   re - po - ses

    Em7        A7    G/B    A7   D    Cdim   Em7   A7
In beau - ti - ful thoughts so true;

D    G/E   Em7/9  A7     D
June light  dis - clo - ses

 A7    D6   DM7   D     Bm     Bm/E     G    G/F# G/E  G9
Love's old - en dreams spark - ling a - new,

G/E   Cdim(IV) G  D    DM7
Moon - light  and ro - ses

D6   B7  E7         A7  A7/6  D
Bring    mem - o - ries  of  you.

*Thanks to Tom J. for supplying the lyrics.

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