Moonlight Cocktail

Words & Music by Kim Gannon & Lucky Roberts, 1941
Recorded by Glenn Miller, 1942 (#1 for 8 weeks)

G          D7         G            B7
Couple of jiggers of moonlight and add a star,

 A7          E7        A7            E7  G/B    A7
Pour in the blue of a June night and one gui - tar,

D9       Am7         D7           D9   Am7  D7
Mix in a couple of dreamers, and there you are:

G      Em7       Am7         D7
Lovers hail the Moonlight Cocktail.

G          D7         G         B7
Now add a couple of flowers, a drop of dew,

A7          E7        A7          E7   G/B   A7
Stir for a couple of hours 'til dreams come true.

D9         Am7        D7          D9 Am7 D7
Add to the number of kisses, it's up  to you --

Am         C          A9  D7  G6
Moonlight Cocktail - need a  few.


B7             F#m7    B7
Cool it in the summer breeze,

F#m7             B7             Em   B7   Em
Serve it in the starlight underneath the trees.

A7               Em7         A7
You'll discover tricks like these 

     Em7               A7        D7
Are sure to make your Moonlight Cocktail please.

G          D7        G            B7
Follow the simple directions and they will bring

A7          E7      A7            E7   G/B  A7
Life of another complexion where you'll be king.

 D9       Am7         D7           D9   Am7  D7
You will awake in the morning and start  to sing --

Am         C        A9  D7    G
Moonlight Cocktails are the thing.

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