More Than You Know

Words & Music by William Rose, Edward Eliscu & Vincent Youmans, 1929
Recorded by Frank Sinatra, 1942
From the 1930 movie "Hit The Deck" (re-made in 1946)

D7+5          G6     D7           G9
More than you know, more than you know,

 G7         C       Fdim     Am
Girl of my heart, I love you so;

Cdim      D7    A7           D9  D7             G    Em   Am7   D7
Lately I find, you're on my mind more than you know.

D7+5            G6    D7              G9
Whether you're right, whether you're wrong,

G7          C          Fdim     Am
Girl of my heart, I'll string along;

Cdim       G    E7              A9   D7  G     Am   G
I need you so, more than you'll ev - er know.


Em6    F#7     Bm
Loving you the way that I do,

        Em           F#m7  Bm
There's nothing I can do about it;

Gm     A7      D          Bm7
Loving may be all you can give,

    E7             Em7  A7     D7      Fdim      D
But Honey I can't live with - out it.

D7+5        G6  D7         G9
Oh how I'd cry, oh how I'd cry

G7          C         Fdim      Am
If you got tired, and said good-bye;

Cdim           G     E7             A9   D9  G    Em   Bm7-5   E7
More than I'd show, more than you'd ev - er know.


Cdim            G
More than I'd show, 

E7              A9   D9  G    Em    Am7    Cm7     G6
More than you'd ev - er know.

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