Music To Watch Girls By

Words & Music by Sid Ramin & Tony Velona, 1966
Recorded by Andy Williams, 1967 (#34)*

    Em9            Em9+7
   022002         021002
The boys watch the girls 

          Em7/9           Em6/9               F#7                                                                
         020002          042002
While the girls watch the boys who watch the girls go by;

Am     Am+7 Am7        Am6        F#7               B7
Eye to eye,      they solemnly convene to make the scene --

              Em9        Em9+7
Which is the name of the game, 

       Em7/9       Em6/9         F#7
Watch a guy watch a dame on any street in town,

Am     Am+7 Am7     Am6       F#7               B7
Up and down     and over and across, romance is boss.


E7       Am             D                   G
Guys talk   "girl talk",  it happens everywhere;

B7        Em           F#7                     B7
Eyes watch  girls walk     with tender lovin' care.

             Em9          Em9+7
It's keepin' track of the fact 

         Em7/9         Em6/9                F#7
Watching them watching back that makes the world go 'round.

 Am            Am+7  Am7      Am6             F#7              B7
"What's that sound?"     Each time you hear a loud collective sigh

               Em        Am         Em
They're making music to watch girls by.

Repeat Bridge:

Repeat Final Verse:

The instrumental version by The Bob Crewe Generation reached number 15 the same year, and is probably more widely remembered.

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