Muskrat Ramble

Words & Music by Ray Gilbert & Edward "Kid" Ory (1926)
Recorded by The McGuire Sisters, 1954 (#10)

G           Em         D     D9   D    D7
Shufflin', shufflin', shuf - fl - in' down

D     D9   D    D7     D7/9  D7   G      G6  G5   D
Ram - bl - in', scram - bl - in,' head - in' for town

G         Em         Bm  
Hustlin', bustlin', buzzin' around 

F#7                     Bm     D7
Happily awaitin, at the sta - tion

G            Em           D     D9   D    D7
Look at that train number sev - en - oh - nine

        D             D7          G      
It's a huffin' and a puffin' and comin' on time

E            E7      Am         A7   
Who do you think is about to arrive?

          G        E7       Am7        Cdim  G
It's the band they call the Dix - ie - land Five

D7        Am7       D7   D7        Am7       D7   
Da - da - da - da - dum, da - da - da - da - dum

D7             Am7 Cm7-5  D7
Da - da - da - da   da   dum

 D      Am7  Cdim C   Bm7-5  D9   Cdim  G9    G
They're gon - na play that  musk - rat ram - ble tune

G   Am7   G   Cdim      D7        Gdim Cdim G6        G5
You nev - er heard it played, join in   the big pa - rade

D          Am7     Bm7-5 C   Bm7-5  D9 Cdim      G9    G        
Al - to - geth - er now  one  and  two join that hap - py throng

 G       Am7    Bm7-5  E7       Bm7-5       Am7    Gdim
Feel the beat of that ramblin', scramblin' muskrat song

 G          Am7   D7    G
Come on and ramble a - long.

*Requested by recent visitor Tony Pranaitis.

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