My Heart Cries for You

Words & Music by Carl Sigman & Percy Faith
Recorded by Guy Mitchell*, 1951 (#2

   G            Em7        Am7        D7 
If you're in Arizona, I'll fol - low you;

   Am7            D7         G  Gdim    G
If you're in Minnesota, I'll be there, too.

 D7     G               G7        CM7   Am
You'll have a million chances to start anew,

   Edim            G     Am7  D7  G    D7
Because my love is end - less for you.


G  E7    Am7/9     D7   Am7/9     D7    G9       G
My heart cries for you, sighs for you, dies for you;

    G  E7   Am7/9    D7    Am7/9        D7  Cdim G   D7
And my arms long for you -- please come back to  me.

   G            Em7        Am7     D7
An unimportant quarrel was what we had;

   Am7               D7            G  Gdim  G
We have to learn to live with the good and bad.

D7 G              G7     CM7        Am
Together we were happy, apart we're sad --

     Edim          G     Am7  D7  G    D7
This loneliness is dri - ving me mad.

Repeat Refrain:

Am7/9        D7 Cdim G   E7
Please come back to  me

Am7/9        D7   Cdim  Am7  Cdim  D7 Cdim G
Please come back, come back, come back to me.

*In the pre-rock era, if a song became a hit, it spawned "me-too" versions aiming to capitalize on the original's success -- and this song is one of the best examples you can imagine. Mitchell's version out-scored renditions by Dinah Shore (#3), Vic Damone (#4), Jimmy Wakely (12), Bill Farrell (#18), Al Morgan (#24), Evelyn Knight & Red Foley (#28), and Victor Young (#29) -- all within six months of each other. But this one wasn't through yet. Ray Charles re-discovered it in 1964 (#38) and Connie Francis covered it yet again three years later (#118).

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